Web version: my github

Latest desktop version: 2.07

Fireflies Screensaver

This is a little project I started to practice my OpenGL skills. My inspiration was Ambient Flocks, which I liked so much I decided to try to clone it for Linux. Since I did this mostly from memory (I only saw it in action once about a year ago), I'm not sure how well I did, but I'm happy with my final product anyway. So happy in fact, that I decided to port it to Windows. Go figure. Note: Fireflies uses OpenGL for 3d acceleration. For some reason, my system didn't have a GL driver installled with it, so it ran ass-slow until I downloaded one. If you are experiencing ass-slowness, you can try downloading a driver for your video card (I just searched Google for "MyVideoCardName driver").


I want it I want it!

Okay, calm down there. There are many flavors. If you use Windows, you'll probably want to download the Windows Screensaver.

If you use Linux, try Googling for Fireflies and either the name of your distro (redhat, mandrake) or your package format (rpm, deb). I apologize for not providing up-to-date packages, but you can probably find a package that way.

Fireflies 2

This is the newer version, the one that I'll be updating and such. It's much better, trust me. Windows self-installers courtesy of NSIS.

Older versions

If for some reason you are inclined, you can download older versions in the archive.


If you're confused as to how to work the settings, read the README file.


No one downloads eye candy without getting a little taste first. So here it is. Each screenshot is about 100K.