WOW, Addons!


I have stopped playing WoW, so I've stopped maintaining these addons. See the links section for alternatives and new maintainers of these addons (if any).


This is just a collection of the World of Warcraft Addons I wrote to make my life easier. Maybe they can make your life easier too (though I doubt it if you don't play the game). Enjoy!

Note: To install, extract the zip file to your World of Warcraft application directory (usually C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft).

BetterTradeSkill [Sunday, 2005mar27] - compatible with patch 1.3.0

Modifies the TradeSkill frame to have "Queue" buttons, so you can queue up multiple trade skill items and have them created in sequence automatically. For example, if I have 14 silver ore and 29 iron ore, I can queue them all up and walk away while it smelts the silver then iron.

DoubleKey [Sunday, 2005mar27] - compatible with patch 1.3.0

Update: It actually works now. The keybindings were being overridden before. Now they're set correctly.

Allows you to easily execute skills on alternate actionbar pages by holding down the number key of that page before pressing the skill number. For example, if I want to execute skill 3 on page 4, I hold 4 then hit 3. You can still execute skills on the current page by pressing a single number key (ie, pressing and releasing 2 will activate skill 2 on the current page).

The one caveat is the fact that you can't press a key if you're holding it down. So how can you activate skill 4 on page 4? For each page, the skill with that page's number is mapped to ` (that's a backtick, the key with tilde above it, usually to the left of 1). To activate skill 4 on page 4, you'd hold 4, then press `.

I realize this all sounds pretty confusing, and it does take a little work to get used to. But once you master it, you will have every skill at your fingertips, without ever having to use the mouse. With a little practice and some careful skill organization, I have become a lot quicker at using my skills.

ReagentCalc [Monday, 2005mar28] - compatible with patch 1.3.0

Update: Oren Ben-Kiki has taken over development of this addon. Find the newer version here or here.

Allows you to find out in advance how many reagents it will cost you in order to create a set of trade skill items. This is useful for those profession quests where you need to create several different items, and you want to know what reagents it will require to make them all.


Note: currently, the reagent list is not saved when you log out.