SessionSave Pidgin plugin

Latest version: 2.6.5-1


This is a plugin for Pidgin, an open source cross-platform IM client.

SessionSave will remember what conversation windows you had open the last time you used Pidgin, and re-open them for you when you sign on. This is especially useful for those rare (ahem) times when Pidgin crashes.


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Version 2.6.5-1:

Install Instructions from Source

Follow these steps to install SessionSave from source. If you don't want to install from source, download and run the self-installer for your platform (Windows or Linux).

First, you'll need to have compiled Pidgin from the source. Also, make sure you have the latest version of Pidgin. Untar the package and cd to the directory it creates:

tar xzvf sessionsave-VERSION.tar.gz
cd sessionsave-VERSION
Edit the Makefile and change the following line
To the path to your pidgin source directory (wherever you compiled pidgin). Run make:
SessionSave will compile and install to the Pidgin plugin directory. That's it!