A bunch of crap that's of no use to anyone, not even me.


I've been using vim for several years, but only recently have I had the itch to tweak it to the brink of madness. After a few weeks/months of playing around with vim, the fruits of my labor have paid off in the ultimate vimrc file. You can take a peek, if you dare.

Note, this gets updated from time to time, but I don't feel like documenting when. You can check back every so often if you'd like.

Download: Decked-out vimrc

Wakeup auto-TODO manager

Wakeup is a small script I wrote to keep track of the little tasks I have to do every day. I have a nasty habit of realizing at 4pm after being immersed in a project that I haven't eaten breakfast yet. This script lets me know what I have to do every morning. Add this to your crontab:

0 6    * * *   /path/to/wakeup.sh
and it every day at 6am a gvim window will pop up with your TODO list. Delete an entry when you finish it. Entries that aren't deleted carry over to the next day. Also, there are everyday tasks that get inserted every day no matter what.

Download: wakeup.sh


This is a little awk script I wrote as a less intrusive alternative to my INLsplit C++ class management system. All it does is scan a list of C++ header files (.h) for function prototypes, and checks the corresponding C++ source file (.cc) for the definition of those functions. If the definition is missing from the .cc file, it will add it with an empty function body.

Download: autofunc-0.1.awk


I make no guarantee that this script won't garble the input and output files you feed it, erase your hard drive, and set your house on fire. Use it at your own risk. And always backup.


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